My Current Diet, Supplement and Exercise Routine

Diet (I vary what I eat each day and also skip meals sometimes):

  • Lunch: Milk Kefir Smoothie with frozen berries and other fruits such as Mango or Kiwi. I add strawberry Jam to make it sweeter because I feel better with it. I add powdered fat-soluble supplements into the shake (see Supplements)
  • Snacks: Fruits, Spirulina/Chlorella, Peanuts, Salami or Gouda Cheese
  • Dinner: Salad with Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil + Meat or Fish (with betaine HCl)

Supplements (I skip days sometimes but the first bullet point I take daily:

  • Most Important: Iron (as BisGlycinate and alone on an empty stomach in acid resistant capsules, 1-5 x 20 mg), Zinc (as Biglycinate, 1-3 x 25 mg), Vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols, 3 x 400 IU mixed in Smoothie), Vitamin D3 (3 x 20.000 IU mixed in smoothie), Vitamin K2 (1 x RDA mixed in smoothie), Vitamin C (pure ascorbic acid on the tongue), Vitamin B12 (as an equal mix of Hydroxy-, Methyl-, and Adenosyl-Cobalamine, 100 x RDA), Water kefir or Kombucha (I make my own, 0.5 L per day)
  • Not daily: Vitamin B complex (All 8 Vitamins + PABA, Choline, Inositol, 1-10 x RDA), beta-Carotene, Vitamin E (pure D¬†alpha tocopherol in oil), Vitamin A (retinol), Kelp (for Iodine), Selenium (as L-methionine), Magnesium (as pure L-Threonate powder)


  • Most Important: Monolaurin (1-3 g of pure pallets), Oregano Oil (5-10 drops of pure essential oil as a shot in olive oil twice a day), Clove oil (1-3 drops same as before), Anis oil (1-3 drops same as before)
  • Not daily (actually not even weekly): Licorice root (as pure powder, 2 Tbsp. in hot water), Reishi Mushroom (same a before), Matcha Tea (same as before), Cacao (either raw cacao beans or same as before), Astaxanthin (pill)


  • Morning routine (daily): 8 min Horse stance with 2 x 30-second interruptions for stretching and stretching for 2 min afterwards.
  • Kickboxing (30 min, twice per week): With target and focusing on the emotion of Anger.
  • Cardio (20-30 min, twice a week):¬†Running or rope jumping
  • Strength (Every other week): 1000 Sit-ups and 200 Pushups
  • Meditation (20 min, daily): Focusing on the emotions of Sadness and Joy