Uncertainty Is Not Here To Harm, It Is Here To Play

“The bad news is you’re falling through the air,
nothing to hang on to, no parachute.
The good news is there’s no ground.”

– Chögyam Trungpa


Uncertainty is that thing that makes us doubt. It is what gives our decisions their gravity so that we stop and consider. Uncertainty is also this thing that makes us regret because it puts the easy path right in front of our feet. But it is not evil, it has no opinion on what we choose. All it does is providing the full picture. It can make us sink to the ground in shivers or let us fly high in the sky. It is energy. That’s all it is. And we can use it if we just know how.


Have you ever had a thought that would just make your stomach hurt? Be it possibly being cheated on, maybe losing your job or just having a good chance of losing… yes, basically everything? Then you already know what uncertainty feels like. If it is there you would kill for a release of tension. You wish for someone to come sprinting through the door right at this moment just to give the all-clear. But it does not happen.


The way to deal with it? You could run away, for sure, but you could also learn how to use its energy. The method? By doing nothing at first. You look at it. What is it really? It’s you not being able to plan, not being in control and still being fully responsible for everything that happens. You are suspended in air, not knowing where the wind will throw you next. You are the surfer on the big wave that could easily kill him. Do you really think planning will get you out of there safely? No. It’s pure awareness alone that can guide the way.


1. Next time you feel the uncertainty grabbing you, recognize how its energy is making your heart beat faster, your head spinning and your gut shiver. This is nothing spiritual, it’s very physical. Visualize it as a giant dark cloud fully wrapping itself around you. Feel its energy electrifying you. It is not here to harm but to purify. Trust it. Allow it in. Breath. Uncertainty is our oldest friend.

Tony Robbins said that “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty that you can comfortably live with” and he is so right about that. If you’ve never learned to deal with it, you will die on your couch, alone and with many bills to pay. It’s worth the effort. If you learn to let it in, the next step will be to work with it.


Next time it comes you can recognize it as something you will always have with you, an old friend. It has come to remind you gently, if you listen, or harshly, if you don’t, that your life is nothing you own but something you deal with. You can then start to play with it.


2. When you have let it in and you feel the energy moving your insides, become fully present. Realize that this thing has no rules and doesn’t accept no for an answer. It is not about the stories you tell yourself in your head, the content is so irrelevant.  It gives you all the energy to succeed in whatever it is you need to do. If you must do nothing then sit and meditate. You are absolutely still inside the eye of the hurricane. If action is required, lock in like a pit bull and enjoy every bit of it. You should have a grin on your face by now and feel very alive.


This is something to never forget: Uncertainty wants you to let go, yes, but what it wants most is for you to play. It shakes you up for a reason. You are here to experience a wide spectrum of emotions so it gives you that little push to bring you further. Yes, it understands that you have some doubts but it is your future self’s best friend and they both agree on what is best for you. Uncertainty takes away your control, yes, but it also burns away all your doubts if you allow it in. So, do let it in.

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