How To Get Something That You Really, Really Want

You wake up one hour earlier than you have to. You get up and do your routine, eat some breakfast and wash yourself. You get dressed and instead of starting your normal day, you take the first active hour for your personal progress. You don’t sleep in, you don’t stall, you are right on time and ready for action when this hour starts. You know exactly what you do because you have a plan.


The night before, you have replayed it in your mind, over and over again. You aren’t surprised because you’ve been there, hundreds of times before. You never let your guard down because you know that this is serious business. Whatever it is that you want, you know that it has a hold on you if you don’t face it, first thing every day.
When you are in its presence, you are a ghost. Nothing can hold you and nothing can change your mind. When you defeat it, you are alive and calmer than the most advanced monk.


Here’s what you did the night before, right before you went to sleep:
You reviewed everything that happened that day. You looked at all the lessons you could draw from it and etched them into your heart. You were perfectly still on the inside because you fully accepted everything. You then played your ideal scenario in your head, over and over again. You fully brought your emotions into the situation and looked at all the things that would happen. You could feel everything as if it was happening right at that moment and you battled through it. You could clearly see yourself succeed, over and over again. When you went to bed, you felt relieved because you went through it, just like the days before.


Now the hour has begun and the first minute has almost passed. You are where you need to be and you see your goal right in front of you. Your mind starts to doubt and hesitate, but deep down you know that in this situation, your mind cannot be reasoned with.


You are alone and alone you proceed. All the things your mind demands are none of your business because you don’t care about the result. All you care about is applying yourself to the process, that thing you crave so deeply. What comes out of it is of no importance to you. You know that the good is the enemy of the great as James C. Collins said.


You also know that the great has developed a deep affinity towards adversity, while the good never even dared to touch the starting line. You aren’t repulsed by imperfection because that is the game that you play. You know that the first time always hurts and that when the time is up, you will reluctantly proceed with your day. That’s how you know that it’s worth it. You battle through everything that happens and take all the blows that come your way. You never flinch and you never take a step back.


Now, the hour has passed and you slowly retreat to begin your day. There was resistance and there was pain, but now there is only life within you. You immediately replay all the positive experiences you had as long as they are fresh in your mind and burn them right into it. You don’t even see the negative aspects of what just happened because you have developed a highly efficient amnesia applying only to the negative things. You are awake. You start your day.

Tonight you will review every second in your mind and learn from it because tomorrow you will do it again, just like you do every day.


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  1. David says:

    Excellent insightful and practical post…amazing thank you!

      1. David says:

        Yes, I just found your site recently and love it….I have added it to my favourite’s and will be taking time to review and make notes from your various posts. I have to admit your post’s I have reviewed so far are very practical but offer slightly more insight and trigger a bit more understanding and awareness on the subject covered. Thank you! David

        1. That’s really cool, man. To be honest I’m just interested building a community of people who I resonate with, so that’s sounds perfect!

  2. I liked the visual, and the message in this post repetition is the key. Very nice!

  3. Incredible photos and post!

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