The Key To Success: The Art Of Persistence

The truth is this: There are two things that decide if you’re successful in anything: Luck and persistence. And you don’t necessarily need both of them! You can either work your ass off, be super lucky or just have a combination of them. Like in the quote:

“I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.”

Coleman Cox


You just make your luck happen through being persistent. In his TED talk, Kid Cudi said that the only reason why he made it was because he “wanted it bad!”. When all others gave up and settled, he went on because he felt like there was no other option for him. Just visualize this:

Whenever you want to give up anything, imagine the people who shamelessly persist and actually get it.

Because they will. That’s how life works. Persistence always wins.


It’s not as flashy as plain luck, so we don’t see it in the media, but it is much more powerful. In a recent interview on the James Altucher Show, Brian Grazer, a highly¬†successful¬†movie producer, remembered someone saying this about him:

“If you close the door, he comes through the window.”

That’s the mindset! I mean, sure, you could just work and wait for things to happen but remember this:

Life is long, youth is short.


In an interview on the Tim Ferris Show, Alain de Button talked about how his wife tends to remind him of this:

“Don’t forget, this is before the colon cancer.”

The point he makes is that we don’t know what’s coming next. We will probably live until old age, but we might never be able to choose as freely as we can right now, ever again. Children, disease or just a lack of energy might all leave us with a claustrophobic lack of freedom.

Here’s another concept that goes hand in hand with persistence:

Other people’s opinions should influence how you behave, but not how you feel.

I will expand on that some other time. Hope you enjoyed it and all the best. Until next time!


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What a bunch of feel good nonsense. You have obviously never been in a situation where people are actively preventing the things you want to happen, or have a self interest in seeing you fail. No amount of perseverance and stubbornness can help you if no one wants to give you a chance to succeed.

Stumbling On Balance
Stumbling On Balance

Hey man, I’m curious, what’s your situation? You can write me a personal message through the contact form. Whatever the issue is, you always have a thousand options. We humans are millions so of years old, your specific issue has been overcome multiple times. As Bruce Lee hat etched into his medaillon: Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation.


What a beautiful post. I once listened to an interview with Pres. Trump and he says the same thing, “The harder you work the more successful you’re likely to be”, this is also a common trait with such people, Musk being one. Thanks for the post.