The Highs and the Lows: The Painful Road of Progress

When we start to work on ourselves we discover things that are very easy to solve and things that are extremely difficult. The more difficult they are the more of our emotional buttons we will press. When we are successful we get high, we can do anything! We are in flow and nothing can stop us. Then we go to sleep. We wake up. We have lost it again. We are down on the ground looking up.

Every high gives us a low. Every low gives us a high. When we get excited about something and become very happy, we set ourselves up for our fall. That’s just life. We can’t pull ourselves up in the air. Everything in this life must push against something to move up.

We deserve these low’s because we let our high’s run wild. We do not even think about containing them because they feel so good. We do not see the connection between them. It’s two sides of the same coin.

So what do we do? Are the highs and lows necessary for progress? No, they are not. Feeling the emotions related to them is but letting them run wild is not. Here’s how to break the cycle and turn painful progress into smooth progress:

When you feel high: Calm down. Control it. Do not follow the emotions. Do not exploit them. Do not try to get more out of it. Do not get greedy. Relax. Enjoy it. It will pass.

When you feel low: The only reason why you are feeling low right now is because you exploited your last high. The only reason why you are still in this low is because you are still clinging to the last high! Let go of what you thought was amazing in the past. It was not complete yet. It did not serve you as well as you think. Yes, it was better than before but it certainly wasn’t everything it could be. Let go of the last high to leave the current low.

When you push it hard and take lots of action you will realize that you learn lessons every single day. You will see the highs and lows as dangerous to your progress because they can kill you.

Every day, tell yourself this:

I let go of everything that I have done yesterday and will discover what is true today. I follow my process and will learn a lesson today.

I will write a post on flow and developing your own process for growth in the following week after this article is published.


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