Learning Effortlessly: How to Let Your Intuition Teach You

I have recently discovered the book The Inner Game of Tennis. It contains some very interesting ideas on the nature of learning that go far beyond tennis. I have added some of my own experiences to it to make it more practical:

  • Do not consciously self-correct your mistakes. The behavior you focus on will not change. Give your subconscious mind a picture of the goal you want to achieve and let it self-correct your behavior for you. It cannot understand words because it does not have access to your languageĀ center.
  • Never judge anything you do as good or bad. It just is. Any value will create expectations. Expectations fuck up your game.
  • Always be relaxed, never try too hard. You can only change the things you consciously observe. If you are tense you will miss important information.

The way to learn is simple. Take a lot of action in your field. Never judge what you do. Observe your actions and outcomes with a calm mind. Afterward, write down your lessons and brainstorm on what you were missing that day. What would you like to implement? See it. Create a picture. Go out and take action. Repeat.

That’s it. Your subconscious will auto-correct for you. No books, no teachers necessary. Teach yourself.

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