Women and Dating: What Is True Right Now?

Here’s something I have discovered by talking to a lot of women. Women might like you, feel safe with you and attracted by you. They agree to meet you and you set up a date. Then later, they maybe change their minds.

That is the downside.

Women say that they have no time right now and they also have a boyfriend. There is no way they can come with you. But if you present them with a compelling adventure, they’ll just follow you…

That is the upside.

I love the symmetry of this. The same thing has a down- and an upside. Women react much more to what is true right now while men are more concerned with the big picture. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s what men love about women. That’s a generalization, of course, but I’ve found it to be true most of the time.

Many women have told me that women don’t know what they want. I agree but I think that the same goes for men. It’s a difficult thing to know because it always changes. Life is about doing what is right for you. No judgment necessary.

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  1. Yeah it’s a really interesting situation, most of the time. I have found a lot of that to be true in my life as well. Thanks for sharing.

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