How to Find Your Way When You’ve Lost It

Life is confusion.

It is each of us wandering around this world and looking for ourselves, emotions riding in the most unforseen directions and life itself desperately growing in ever more diversity as if in fear of going extinct.

Yes, there is a fear there. The problem with purpose is this: If something you do defines who you are, what happens when you can’t do it anymore?

Of course we know better but our subconscious mind still holds this question close to its heart. What if…

We try to gain security by making it a habit, a routine or just something we do. Then we start loosing it… because it is too important for that.

Our way, our purpose or our life’s meaning is like madman with a gun. It demands attention. It demands you to be truthful. If you overstep, look down on it or pride in understanding it, it will shoot.

It is like trying not to think. You can’t help but think. Humans are not made to pay attention to things that remain unchanged. We recognize patterns and rhythms. We only understand language because of the breaks between the noises. A continuous sound will fade into the background very quickly.

Staying on your path faces this exact dilemma. We want to stay there but by being there for too long, our straying attention will kick us out again. We are not meant to stay anywhere, not even there.

We move in and we move out, expand and retract. Like our breath. Like daylight. Like sex. Like life itself.

It’s like a dream that has mesmerised us, tricked us into believing it was real. We have gone astray once again. We try to realign with our purpose but we are not sure what is real anymore. 

We have to remind ourself of what purpose is.

Purpose is not something we do… not something we think… not something we get and not something we use.

Purpose is something that purifies us.

It is always there, grinning in the background. It sees what we use it for and it sees when we fall down. It sees our confusion. It knows that we are only human and that we have needs we try to meet but it will never let us trick ourself.

It is not difficult to turn towards purpose. What is difficult is to stay there. What is even more difficult is to get back to it. 

Surrender before it. It is the easiest thing in the world but it will beat you any time. Stand up, dust yourself off and come back to it.

How to stay on your purpose? Just stay with it, no matter how little. The madman does not need you to be charming. Your attention will suffice.


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