We can learn a lot, read a lot and do a lot. But do we grow from it?

What makes us grow is what challenges us AND what pulls us.

Let me explain: Wim Hof is this incredible guy who climbs Mount Everest in his shorts and swims under the ice caps of the north pole in only his underwear. He’s called The Iceman. He can teach this, too.

His method is quite simple: A specific breathing pattern and gradual cold exposure. He learned this by pure intuition and has perfected it in the last 20 years. Cold was his teacher. People thought he was crazy, now they study him.

His technique is powerful and, now, it does not require the cold at all. He can run marathons in the desert without drinking water (or being a trained runner) and he can repress his immune response when injected with E.Coli bacteria.

The point is this: Would he have ever learned his technique without cold exposure? Without the challenge?

If we want to grow then reading, meditating and working is not enough. What shakes you to your bones? What beats you to your knees, again and again, every time you misbehave?

That’s your exposure. It’s supposed to hurt. It will keep you humble and it will keep you on track.

Without it, you’ll get lost. Wim found his in the cold. What is yours?

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