The Dark Side of Men and Women

Men learn to love the woman they are attracted to. Women learn to become attracted to the man they fall in love with.
― Woody Allen

Men and women have different needs and desires. By looking at how they manifest in their extremes we can better understand their day-to-day behaviors.

What is the darkest side of women that most men abhor? 

When a woman chases a man’s resources and buys it with her sexuality. It’s the cliched 90-year old millionaire who marries the 20-year old blond bombshell. The gold-digger. The women disregard their own happiness and are just clinging to their need for resources. We’ve seen it again and again.

What is the darkest side of men?

When a man sees a beautiful woman as an object and throws her away after he gets sex. The man stops seeing the woman as a human being and does not regard her personality, emotions or needs as important. It happens all the time.

So what can we learn from this?

The extremes show us that men will always chase beauty and that women will always chase resources.

Men have to learn to take a woman’s personality and feelings into account. That is, learning how to seduce a woman. Men chase beauty. We can try to pretend that it is not so but why do the most successful and charming men have the most beautiful women in their life? Yes, personality is important but take away a woman’s beauty and the men in her life will change. Women know that. The need to be beautiful is so ingrained in their DNA that they honestly believe that the only wear mini skirts to look good for themselves. They only wear makeup because THEY like it. It is so important that it isn’t conscious anymore. It’s fundamental to their survival.

This, of course, is not the only way for a woman to succeed in life. If she is very intelligent she can compete through logic and strategy in whatever discipline she desires. But this is rare. Look around you right now: Isn’t 99% of all buildings, streets, cars, and parks created by men? Why is that? Woman are just as smart as men and have proven this in history. So, why do women not create on the same scale as men? The answer is simple: Women are not incentivised to do so.

Men are not attracted by intelligence, logic or success. Men like beauty. On a primal level, women do not need to succeed, develop their character or achieve greatness. They can easily do that, but they don’t feel the urge.

Women will always chase resources but this does not exclusively mean money. The greatest resource for women is emotion. If you can provide them with emotions, they will chase you.

I have briefly met a girl a few days ago and after texting back and forth we agreed to meet. At the day of our meeting, she stopped responding. At this very day, I happened to walk in the park, being in a very good and energetic emotional state. She was there too and saw me walking past. I didn’t see her so she followed me and hugged me. I spun her around picked her up and put her on my lap. She loved it.

The lesson is this: When she saw my emotions she was so attracted that she would chase me. When she couldn’t see me, she did not feel compelled to meet up. I have many stories like this, it is a typical behavior.

On a primal level, men know this. We build monasteries, companies, empires and churches just to achieve greatness. We want to transcend the world and achieve higher states of consciousness. We can say that the reasons are noble but just like a woman’s beauty, our DNA knows that it is highly attractive. We are incentivised to do this. It is fundamental to our survival.

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