Linking Circumstance to Emotion.

Linking circumstances to emotions is the hallmark of immaturity. Just because something is happening does not mean that it has a meaning. Meaning is created and not found.

The partner you are with, the position you are in, the colour of your skin, the income of your parents, your health, your mental capacities. These things just are. Change the tiniest bit of your past and you would be different.

People will leave you, you will leave people. Health comes and goes. Your opportunities depend on your circumstances and they vary with time.

Do not give emotional value to the people and things in your life. Love them, like them and respect them but do not believe that there are meant to be there or that they are not exchangeable because you are exchangeable. If you can accept that you yourself are exchangeable then you will see that others are as well.

People are awesome and an explosion of creativity and uniqueness but all their behaviours and all their dreams, hopes and desires stem from a very small number of needs, insecurities, experiences and instincts. When you see where behaviour comes from then the world becomes a small village. Just a few people here who have many bodies to walk around with.

You will die. Do not waste your time being a predictable bag of emotions and insecurities. Strive for the most insane and difficult thing you can fathom. Persist and do not give up. Ridiculous stubbornness is what gets you everywhere.

Do not die as a human, die as an inspiration.

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