Medellin Travel

Traveling in Colombia, Medellin (2017)

Medellin is a city surrounded by mountains, located in the north west of Colombia. The first thing that struck me when exploring Medellin was the high number of areas where people would gather. Most major cities usually have one or two areas where the largest crowds form, e.g. shopping areas, pedestrian streets or transportation stations, but Medellin has multiple city centers ranging from very crowded open markets, bar areas, tourist areas, parks to gardens. You can buy street food almost anywhere and people generally spend a lot of time outside rather than inside.

If you visit Medellin, make sure to explore every district within city limits to not miss out on its diversity.


I have been traveling for a while now and every new country has its rumors and stories about how dangerous it can be. In reality, all the places I have been to so far were perfectly safe.

My rule is: As long as it’s not a war zone or a place defined by poverty then it is likely safe.

In Medellin, I have been outside alone a lot, in many different districts and at any time of day. I had zero negative experiences but this might not be the case for everyone. I do not drink alcohol, take drugs or compromise my senses in any way so I am usually very aware of my surroundings and never get into difficult situations. If you are binge drinking and take pills from strangers or are generally a timid person and an easy target then you will be in danger anywhere. If you are confident and self-aware then you will have nothing to worry about.

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