How To Build Your Empire and Become Successful

The most important part of building your future is a clear vision of how this future is supposed to look like. There is no predetermined path for you to follow and success can come within a few weeks or within a few decades. To understand what exactly you want, you have to follow these guiding principles:
  • Make experiences related to things you might want (but aren’t exactly sure)
  • Find people who might have what you want and observe them to identify your own desires
  • Stay away from everything you do not want to make space for what you want to appear
Once you understand what you want, the things standing between you and your goals are:
  • Distractions which draw your attention to things that are not aligned with your goals
  • A lack of patience if your goals seem unattainable or too far in the future


While crafting your own path towards your goals, there will be many distractions presenting themselves. They will promise comfort, pleasure, security and assurance but you always have to keep your eyes on your goals. Part of your vision is to fully dedicate yourself to where you want to be and to never compromise. With every opportunity that presents itself, ask yourself:
  • Does this opportunity teach me the skills I will need in pursuit of my goals?
  • Does this opportunity provide resources critical to achieving my goal?
  • Does this opportunity come with experiences which help me to better define my goals?
If the answer is no to all of these questions then you should say no to this opportunity. If the answer is yes to at least one of the questions then you have to consider the overall trade-off since your time and resources are limited. If at least one answer is yes, additionally ask yourself:
  • Is there a better opportunity available which has a higher impact on the 3 questions above?
If you always consider these 4 questions, you will reach all of your goals. You will have to make some tough decisions because there might be things you have to quit in order to create the space necessary for the work you have to do. You might have to end relationships, leave your country or take a lower paying job because you prioritize growth and not comfort. 
But do not be afraid of making tough decisions. What seems like a tough decision now will seem like a normal thing to do when you look back at your life in a few decades.


Life has a strange way of progressing forward. Sometimes your goals seem very close, just to be propelled years into the future because of a sickness, an accident or any other randomly occurring event. Sometimes you even have goals that seem unattainable from the very beginning and you cannot imagine ever achieving them.
In all these cases, I can tell you that all of your goals are achievable. Why can I say that? Because if you can think of it, it must be possible. Thirst is the undeniable proof for the existence of water. 
We, humans, are programmed and we do not seek anything that cannot be achieved. We cannot fly but we can build an airplane. We cannot dial back time but we can rejuvenate our bodies. We cannot be as muscular as other primates but we can create steroids.
The problem with impossible goals is not that they are impossible but that we either lack patience or creativity. If you know exactly what you want then you know that you can always vary the means to get it. You can identify the essence of what you desire and find the most efficient way of getting there. A goal might be reached in a few weeks or a few decades but if you are patient, it will be reached. 
On the outside it might look like you are making odd decisions and that you and your goals change but on the inside, you know that the essence of what you seek has always remained the same. You have slowly adapted to what life threw at you and, with patience and creativity, you have achieved the impossible: You have stayed on course to reach your goals.


  • Become dedicated to your goals
  • Make sure that everything you do is targeted at building the skills and resources to reach your goal (No distractions & seek discomfort)
  • Be creative and patient in choosing the means by which you achieve your goals


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