How To Live Life and Why You Should Travel the World (Alone)

You are born, you live and then you die – this is the destiny we all have to face. No matter how you look at it, these three things will always remain unchangeable and everything that seems to be more important now will become insignificant in the future. No tragedy will ever be able to match birth, life or death. Nothing can ever impact you more.
This is to say, if you have been seduced into thinking that anything in this life is of importance at all then you have lost your way. No relationship, no accomplishment, no goal, no achievement and no success will even remotely matter when you die. There is absolutely nothing you can take with you in death, not even the good feeling of having achieved something.
If you consider this, you will realize that there is neither a point in being preoccupied with achievements nor in dreading negative outcomes because both the good and the bad are insignificant. This will lead you to a very obvious question – what should you do in life?

What To Do?

If you strip away any behavior designed to maximize a sense of achievement or behavior designed to reduce suffering then you will realize that almost all of your behavior is on a spectrum between these two. You are on autopilot, on a trajectory between birth and death. Not actually living but pretending to live.
But, of course, you have a good reason to live your life in such a way. You are scared, hungry and dissatisfied. You get excited when good things happen and you complain when bad things happen. You play the game of life and try to gain the upper hand without seeing that by playing this game you have already lost.
We are only a small fragment of life and, as such, we can never win against the whole, a better version of ourselves. Life knows everything we know because it has been making humans for millions of years. Life can never be surprised by us because we are it. To think that we can achieve without suffering, gain without loosing or create without sacrificing is just silly.

Programming Is The Enemy Of Experience

That which is driving you towards love, success, enlightenment or happiness is part of your programming and thus is not a way to beat the game. There is no way out and there is no way of winning without loosing. We are born, we live and then we die. Everyone on this planet was born and will die but living is an art that needs to be cultivated.
We only have one way of fully living our lives and that is to experience as much as possible. To not be preoccupied with gaining, maintaining or losing.
  • If you have a small house and a family then your life will revolve around maintaining. You will dread any disruptions because all is good the way it is.
  • If you have a great lack in your life such as poverty, loneliness or sickness then you will be preoccupied with gaining. You will seek the excitement of having more.
  • If you have been born with great riches, resources or beauty then you will dread losing them because you have never learned the skills of how to build them.
Here is a short guide on how to live your life to the fullest:

1. Do not be defined by your environment: 

It is easy to become the reflection of other peoples expectations because we are bombarded with opinions, conversations and thoughts at all times. We become like our friends, we copy the relationships of our parents, we imitate the lifestyles of our idols and we aim to look like the famous people we see every day.
We will always be seagrass that is pushed around by the waves as long as we stay stationary. In order to shake the influence of our environment, we have to leave it entirely and go to palaces without the social infrastructures we are used to. The more enjoyable and comfortable your environment is, the more you need to leave. You need to travel and see how the world really is.
You see the kindness in people but also their coldness. You see the love you get and also the hate. You will see people as what they really are and, as such, see who you really are. 

2. Defy excitement and resentment

Do not become excited if you achieve something and do not complain when you lose something. Both are just things that happen and both are insignificant. Life will go on so do not get distracted. Work on this until winning the lottery or falling in love provides you with less happiness than sitting outside on a sunny day.

3. Be alone and experience life

With experiences, there is a point of diminishing returns. Compare the first 6 weeks of falling in love with someone with the next 3 years. Unless you are completely delusional, you will notice that your emotions were much more profound and intense in the beginning and that you feel more routined and logical afterward. The same goes for experiences such as starting a new diet, a new exercise routine, a new career or any other drastic life change.
If you dare to change yourself then you will grow tremendously but if you stick around, your growth will stagnate. This a fundamental truth about life. If you prioritize experiences you have to become an experiential nomad who always goes where the greatest experiences lie and is never distracted by feelings, emotions or desires.
Relationships, careers, luck and wealth will end anyways so there is no need to stick around and hold the position. Maybe it can last 50 years, maybe it will last 1 week but nothing is forever. 
A human who has lived a life of rich experiences will never look at a life of comfort in regret but someone who has lived a life of comfort will regret their lack of experiences ever time even if they were lucky and their comfort was maintained throughout their life. 
Quit. Start over. Again and again.

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