Some people are looking for violence but if there’s none within you, it cannot be found.

Love and Respect

By default, other people deserve love and care but they can lose it depending on how they behave. By default, people do not deserve respect but they can earn it depending on how they behave.

We Not Only Have a Dark Side, We Are the Dark Side

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. – Carl Jung If we had been living in Germany during the Nazi uprising, we’d all be Nazi’s. There is nothing holy or divine about us which could protect us from our capacity to do harm to others and…

Changing Other People

Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others. ― Jacob M. Braude We cannot change other people by helping them to fix their problems. The only thing we can do is make such an impression on them and be so in alignment…


We can learn a lot, read a lot and do a lot. But do we grow from it? What makes us grow is what challenges us AND what pulls us. Let me explain: Wim Hof is this incredible guy who climbs Mount Everest in his shorts and swims under the ice caps of the north…

Mindfulness: Anticipation and Expectation

This life needs to be lived, these moments are meant to happen. When we have a break at work and sit somewhere eating lunch, we tend to think that this is some in-between-space we occupy. We are waiting for something else to happen. What is happening is not what we do, but something that is an…

On Happiness

Happiness is finding the doorway between sadness and joy.

How to Find Your Way When You’ve Lost It

Life is confusion. It is each of us wandering around this world and looking for ourselves, emotions riding in the most unforseen directions and life itself desperately growing in ever more diversity as if in fear of going extinct. Yes, there is a fear there. The problem with purpose is this: If something you do…


My intuition is my teacher. Growth is my God. I let go of everything I’ve accomplished yesterday and find out what is true today.

Emotion Is Power: Rawness Of Being

Whatever you feel is your greatest strength. If you can accept it and intensify it, you can do anything. All of our conflict and unhappiness stems from trying to suppress or change our emotions… in vain. If you are content with what you feel and do not try to hide it from others then you…